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Provenans is now onboarding a small number of hand-picked artists

Provenans is now onboarding a small number of hand-picked artists

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Digital Artist, Jane (27)

I create digital artworks from my studio in Bristol. I’ve just finished a new digital piece. I want to issue and sell only 1 copy of it. I log in to Provenans, go to my online studio and upload my artwork. Provenans certifies it and creates a unique copy, ensuring that no more can be generated after this limited edition. I share the Provenans link with my clients and social media.

Collector / Investor, Charles (45)

I use online platforms to discover new forms of art, from my flat in New York. I visit Provenans daily. I see Jane's new digital piece. It's spectacular. A limited edition of only 1 copy and Provenans shows the full sale history. I make an offer of £7,000. Provenans instantaneously creates a digital contract between me and Jane; I'll share 12% of the difference in the sale price if I sell it on in the future. It is a good investment in this early career artist, along with the security of provenance certification.

Museum Curator, Murano (62)

I am a curator in Tokyo. I'm working on a new exhibition focusing on new media. I visit Jane's studio on Provenans. One of her works is ideal but all copies are sold. I reach the current owner listed on Provenans's sale history report. I make an offer. After a short negotiation, Provenans creates a digital contract between us. I transfer the funds and that piece is now in my gallery, bought for £12,000. I know that 12% of the difference will go to the artist which helps my gallery fulfil its ethical commerce commitment.

How it works

1- Certify limited edition art

Provenans creates a non-fungable token, a permanent record of your creation and ownership. You can certify your artwork and limited editions without dealing with complex blockchain technologies and tokens. Certification is free for artists.

2- Exhibit and sell editions in any currency

Every digital artwork certified by Provenans is bound with a smart contract and logged on Provenans’s transparent distributed ledger. Collectors can own and trade digital art. Artists receive commission from resales. Provenans charges a percentage of the sale price.

3- Track onward sales

Provenans uses a novel distributed ledger technology that is thirty-four times faster and more environmentally sustainable than traditional Blockchain. It is transparent, so that everyone can see and manage provenance autonomously.

4- Get recurring royalities

On Provenans, each artwork is shown with its full sale history. You, the artist, receive royalties (a percentage of the sale price) from every onward transaction. See FAQ for more.