Provenans is now onboarding a small number of hand-picked artists

Artists and collectors around the world join Provenans, entering a space made with their work and collections in mind. Here, users exhibit and sell their art work in the form of profiles comprised of studios or galleries.

Provenans is a new way of buying and selling art, a trading platform that puts artists at the centre of everything we do. Using a blockchain-like technology, we are at the forefront of ensuring authenticity and provenance in digital artworks, as well as creating a unique environment that sees artists benefit every time a piece of their work is sold on to a new buyer.

Our ethos is that artists, collectors and galleries should benefit from the burgeoning online arts market and the real time and global interactions that have become possible via online media, while maintaining the level of authentication and reliability of provenance so far provided only by the physical art market.

Provenans is characterised by a commitment to transparency. Each artwork is shown with its full sales history, number of copies in each limited edition and the commission that the artist will make on any onward sale of their work. Artists are engaged with their clients and future clients, collectors and galleries are able to buy with confidence.

Our team

Our diverse team consists of equal number of women and men, mixed nationalities and multiple ethnic groups. Our distributed team is dispersed 4 geographical areas in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Turkey.

Provenans values the diversity of its teams and has always strived to promote equality in the workplace. Applicants are considered for all roles without discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, marital status, colour, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, criminal record, membership or non-membership in a trade union, or political beliefs.

Key team members

Art Advisory Head

Ms Kate Hughes (Artist, BA Hons Fine Art)

Design and Delivery Head

Mr Bo Ozden (BEng, MA)

User Research Head

Ms Selda Koydemir (PhD)

Engineering Head

Mr Ilker Manap (BCompSc, MSc)