Frequently asked questions

As an artist, your questions would probably be:


What will this cost you?

Certification is free for artists. Provenans charges a percentage, between 5% to 15% of the sale price.

Will there be a cost to signing up, e.g. an annual subscription fee?

No for artists.

Will there be commission to pay?

Provenans charges a percentage, between 5% to 15% of the sale price.

How will I get my money if I sell something? How long will it take?

It takes up to four working days for domestic UK transfers, and up to seven working days for international transfers.

Is there a dispute resolution policy?

Buyer and seller are bound with a smart contract. A key feature of a smart contract is that, once the code is entered onto the distributed ledger, it is immutable and so once a trigger event has been met, its performance cannot be avoided or varied by either party unilaterally. Accordingly, in a practical sense, a smart contract does not need enforcing under English law: self-enforcement is built in. Moreover, access to Provenans service requires the users’ acceptance of legal terms and conditions of use. Additionally there will usually be traditional off-chain agreements which govern the overall legal relationship between the various stakeholders and participants as negotiated between them.

How do I confirm my bank account?

To use your bank account as a funding source, and to verify your account for security purposes, you need to add your bank account to your Provenans account and confirm that you're the owner of that bank account. After you review your bank account details, we'll deposit 1p in your bank account. You'll find a 4-digit code next to the 1p deposit on your statement. This should appear in your bank account within the next few minutes, but may take up to two hours, depending on your bank. When you know the 4-digit code, you’ll be able to confirm your bank account on Provenans.

Will you require proof of identity to set up an account?


Someone wants to buy my work in a foreign currency, will I have to pay a fee?

Provenans doesn’t charge any fee for foreign currencies yet only reflects intermediary banks and/or instutitions’ rates and fees. This is clearly stated at checkout.


Is there a quality control on what work can appear on the site?

Provenans is now onboarding a small number of hand-picked artists. Onboarded artists can publish their works.

Does Provenans censor work? (e.g. nudity, violence, racist content) Who moderates this?

Provenans is a novel online platform to exhibit and sell digital art. To protect our users and maintain the high quality of content across the platform we don’t allow abusive or illegal content or behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Spam or posts related to the sale of non-creative goods or services
  • Pornographic material and explicit nudity
  • Harassment and threats
  • Hateful or highly offensive content that attacks or dehumanises a group based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, serious disease or disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation
  • Graphic violence or gore
  • Illegal activities or goods
  • Self-harm or the promotion of self-harm
  • Depictions of minors in a sexual manner
  • Promotion of terrorism or violent extremism
  • Dissemination of misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive content that could lead to real-world harm
  • Personal or private information of others (like full name, home address, phone number, email address, government issued IDs, or anything else that would let someone locate or contact you in the real world)

Broadcasting or uploading other people’s work as your own is copyright infringement and is not tolerated. If you aren’t sure whether your use of someone else’s content or trademark in your work is legal, you can talk to an attorney or consult publicly available reference materials at intellectual property page

If you want to report the misuse of your own creative work or your own trademark by one of our users, you can do that here: Provenans Copyright / Trademark Form. If you have a contract or other dispute with Provenans user about content they have uploaded to our site, please resolve the issue directly with the user. We can't moderate contract, employment, or other disputes between our users and the public.

Will this be for professional artists and/or amateurs?

Provenans is only for professional artists.

In what order are works displayed? Do I have to be selling more to be higher up search results?

Provenans displays personalised content to each user depending on their location and interests. It displays works in added-date order. Provenans displays the works of selling-more artists separately.

Can I easily link to my social media and website?

Yes. Please visit your studio.

Is there a limit to how many images / videos I can upload?

No, there is no limit.

Will my image sizes be reduced, like on platforms such as Instagram?

No, Provenans keeps original sizes.

Can I put links to news articles about me and my upcoming real world events in my Provenans studio?

Yes, you can.

Can I upload an ‘about the artist’ video, or video updates, to my Provenans studio?

Yes, you can.

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload all digital art formats. Provenans displays JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG and M4P formats.

When I upload my images, will they be cropped when they appear as thumbnails?

No, Provenans displays works in original ratios.

If I upload a video, can I choose which image appears as the thumbnail?

Yes, you can.